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‘England’ won this unofficial international 1-0 and all the players, English and Scottish, lived in London.The Scottish FA hadn’t yet been formed but the Queen’s Park club agreed to organise the first official international between England and Scotland.Its membership was small and its authority and laws were often challenged and sometimes ignored.But its motives and ambitions were so honourably based that, like growing ripples on a still pond, its standing grew perceptibly.The Football Association, English football’s governing body, was formed in 1863.

The FA was keen to see its laws in action and a match was played between Barnes and Richmond at Limes Field in Barnes on 19 December. Bryon Butler wrote in an Official History published in 1991: “The FA’s early influence on the game at large was not dramatic or even widespread.

Only 12 clubs actually played and there were just 13 matches in total but Wanderers beat Royal Engineers 1-0 before 2,000 spectators at Kennington Oval in a Final described by The Sporting Life as “a most pleasant contest”.

A match between ‘England’ and ‘Scotland’ was another good idea from Alcock.

Apparently, many of them felt that competition would lead to unhealthy rivalry and even bitterness.

The first Cup season turned out to be quite truncated with withdrawals and byes.

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