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If so, I hope this page will at least bring that shiver down a few notches.

I’ve heard of writers who do the synopsis before they write a word of the novel, but I’m not one of them.

Knowing Laura and Jay must test the formula again, her assistant makes a suggestion.

Emotionally distraught, she discusses this with her lab assistant.

Laura’s role requires candlelight, soft music, and silky lingerie. If he gets aroused they will know the libido suppressant failed.

Since Jay gravitates toward tall, waify blondes, a complete contrast to Laura’s petite, curvaceous frame, she is both surprised and thrilled that the man she’s been lusting after for months wants her to try to seduce him.

After all, she needs to see , to observe his response.

In no time at all, their scientific pursuit turns into a sexy, seductive game.

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