Psychology of white women dating black men

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The Torah is a path to self-actualization, to spiritual growth.

We have seen that in order to grow, a person cannot be alone. To maximize growth, the beings need to be different, and so men and women were created as different beings. In the creation story told in the Book of Genesis, the way in which God separates man and woman provides us with an insightful look at gender differences.

To truly be a giver, the person must take into account what the receiver needs and not only what the giver wants.

This is fundamental to all moral and spiritual growth.

We can also understand why God didn't just create two beings from the start: by starting as one, we can know and feel that our life partners are our true complement, that we need them and their differences just as they need us and ours.

While most of Judaism applies equally to men and women, including the central ideas of celebrating Shabbat and keeping kosher, not all commandments apply in the same way.

The Torah's system of spiritual achievement and happiness applies differently to the two genders.

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