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Google This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online. xxiv.) is entitled, " Three proper and wittie familiar Let- ters, lately paffed betweene two Univerfitie Men, touch- ing the Earthquake in Aprill laft, and our Englifh Re- fourmed Verfifying." The fubjeds of the earthquake and " reformed verfifying " do not (eem very clofely con- nefted; but, although Harvey coupled them, we are here only interefted in what he fays to prove that "The Faerie Queene " was then known to him by that title, and by the difparaging defignation — given to her, we may be fure, by Harvey himfelf — of " The Elvifh Queene." His words are thefe : — " But fee how I have the Arte Memorative at com- maundement. of him for three proper and wittie letters, pafled betweene two Univerfitie men, touching the earthquake yjd.»» The "Two other very commendable Letters," alfo of 1580, appear to have been included in the fame entry, though feparately publiflied.

The main doubt upon the fubjeft has been produced by the youth of Spenfer in 1 569, and by the ftatement of Vander Noodt that he himfelf had rendered the poems from " the Brabant tongue.'* This may have been very true; he may have originally rendered them from the Brabant tongue into French, but it is certain that the poetical drefs they vrear in Englifh was given to them by Spenfer. Turbervile was fecretary to Sir Thomas Randolph, the Englifh am- baflador in Mufcovy, in 1 569, and he dates various poems, in the fhape of epiftles, from Ruffia. " Jnd a dry dropfie through his flejb did flow.] This line has occa- fioned doubt and difpute : Upton would read " dire dropfy," naturally enough not underflanding how a ** dry dropfy *' could flow. Warton fuggelb that the poet may have meant a dropfy which was the caufe tf thirft : but may not Spenier have written, not '* dry dropfy," but " hy dropfy," which was mifread by the old compofitor, and tl^refore printed as two words ? ^ene gowne he clothed was full faire, ch underneath did hide his filthinefle ; in his hand a burning hart he bare, of vaine follies and new fanglenefle : ht was falfe, and fraught with ficklenefle, learned had to love with fecret lookes ; well could daunce ; and fing with rucfulnefle ; fortunes tell ; and read in loving bookes, oufand other waies to bait his fle(hly hookes. mt man, that loved all he faw, lufted after all that he did love ; 7ould his loofer life be tide to law, joyd weake wemens hearts to tempt, and prove, )m their loyall loves he might them move : :h lewdnes fild him with reprochfu U pain lat foule evill, which all men reprove, : rotts the marrow, and confumes the brainc. To fill his bags, and richefle to compare : ' Yet childe ne kinfman living had he none To leave them to ; but thorough daily care To get, and nightly feare to lofe his owne. Moft wretched wight, whom nothing might fufi Gife ; Whofe greedy luft did lacke in greateft ftore ; P Two iron coffers J\ It is coffets in the edit. 30- And next to him malicious Envy rode Upon a ravenous wolfe, and ftill did chaw Between his cankred teeth a venemous tode,* That all the poifon ran about his chaw ;^ But inwardly he chawed his owne maw At neibors welth, that made him ever fad. other authors have both jaw and " chaw.** " Chaw " is from the A. 34- His ruffin raiment all was ftaind with blood Which he had fpilt, and all to rags yrent.

Refrain fivm automated querying Do not send automated queries of any sort to Google's system: If you are conducting research on machine translation, optical character recognition or other areas where access to a large amount of text is helpful, please contact us. Percy had prefented it to him in that year : the work was therefore nearly forty years in the prefs, and at laft was accidentally confumed. The " Songes and Sonnettes '* of Surrey, ** and other," pp. How long, before Harvey wrote, Spenfer had placed in his friend's hands what he had then compofed of " The Faerie Queene," we have no means of knowing ; but in his letter, dated " ^arto nonas Aprili Sy 1580," Spenfer had recalled Harvey's attention to it, and exprefled a ftrong defire that the manufcript fhould be returned to him im- mediately. 221 Ofte fouft in fwelling Tethys faltifh teare ; And long time having tand his tawney hide With bluftring breath of Heaven, that none can bide, And fcorching flames of fierce Orions hound ;* Soone as the port from far he has efpide. And Nereus crownes with cups ; his mates him pledg around. And on thofe guilefull dazed eyes of his The cloude of death did fit. He left him lying fo, ne would no lenger ftay : 40. Yet is fhe now in more perplexitie, Left in the hand of that fame Paynim bold, From whom her booteth not at all to flie : Who, by her cleanly garment catching hold. Her faithfu U gard remov'd, her hope difmaid, Her felfe a yielded pray to fave or fpill : He now. With foule reproches and difdaineful fpight Her vildly entertaines ; and, will or nill, Beares her away upon his courfer light : Her prayers nought prevaile ; his rage is more of raigl C. Her fcrvile beaft yet would not leave her fo, But followet her far off, ne ought he feares To be pattfiker of her wandring woe ; Vfore mild i;i beaftly kind then that her beat Uy foe. Tofmfu U haui af Pryde Duefia guydes the faithfull knight ; Whe Tt^ brctheri death to vjreak^ Santjcy Doth chaleng him ta fight.

We encourage the use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help. We quote the poet's own words, becaufe they not merely prove that he was then anxious to proceed THE LIFE OF SPENSER. But welcome now, my light, and fhining lampcof blisl' 28. The earth fhall fooner leave her kindly fkil To bring forth fruit, and make eternal derth. Was for to feeke adventure in ftraunge place ; Where, Archimago faid, a felon ftrong To many knights did daily worke difgrace ; But knight he now fhall never more deface : Good caufe of mine excufe, that mote ye pleafe Well to accept, and evermore embrace My faithfull fervice, that by land and feas Have vowd you to defend. His lovely words her feemd due recpmpence Of all her pafled paines : one loving howre For many yeares of forrow can difpence ; A dram of fweete is worth a pound of fowre. Such joy made Una, when her knight (he found ; And eke th' enchaunter joyous feemde no lefl Te Then the glad marchant, that does vew from ground His fhip far come from watrie wildernefle ; He hurles out vowes, and Neptune oft doth blefl Te. But to the virgin comes ; who all this while Amafed ftands, her felfe fo mockt to fee By him, who has the guerdon of his guile. ^OUNG knight whatever, that doft irmo profcfle, And through long labours hunteft after fame, Beware of fraud, beware of fickleneflfi In choice, and chaungc of thy deare-loved Dame; Lcaft thou of her believe too lightly blame, And rafh mifwcening doe thy hart remove : For unto knight there is no greater fhame. The which cbayre^ the gods fttnd gazing on : he alludes perhaps to Homer's expreffion, tauf JM liifftcu.

Anthony Wood deletum, et quafi Jepultum, Todd (Life, p, xii L) thinks it flrange that Dove (hould have fo treated it ; yet, at the ^ time, he admits that the Latin trandator had never even heard of the firft impreflion of" The Shepheardes Calender." As (hown in I oor notes, Todd himfelf much too rarely reforted to it. Sidney, to whom, he adds, it was afligned by ger reputation.^ The laft is the moft fingular, becaufe eclogues had been dedicated to Sidney, and his n flood boldly upon the title-page in the capacity of pat fo that, if he had been the author of the paftorah muft have infcribed them to himfelf as — *' the prcfidcnt Of nob Jcffe and of chevalrec." We only adduce this circumftance to fhow how ij rant well-informed people were, even at a late pei as to the authorfhip of " The Shepheardes Calenc In faft the work was anonymous in all the 4to. The fa6t that» in Whetftone named Sidney as the individual who had produced ' Shepheardes Calendar " was pointed out by the writer (Jit venia)^ prefent Life of Spenfer as long fince as the year 1820: fee * Poetical Decameron," vol. 1 586), and he doubted whether he might att: " The Shepheardes Calender " to Spenfer, whom he ventured to out only by the two firft letters of his furname — " Maifter Sp. And again afterwards : *' To carry all this pe/fe and trafh becaufe their bodies are unfit," &c. ' To JU/ bis bsg Sf snd ricbeffe to compare.] Procure. Still as he rode he gnafht his teeth to fee Thofe heapes of gold with griple Covetyfe ; And grudged at the great felicitee Of proud Lucifera, and his owne companee. 1590, and although among the printer's errors it b pointed oat as a roifiake,it was, ncvcrthclefs, continued as late as the edit.

Still, the fimilarity of taftes and purfuits in the two individuals is to be taken into account, and Anthony Wood, in his Atheriie Oxonienjes^ boldly fupplies the " Ed- mund,"'^ as if the epiftle had certainly been addrefled to * It docs not fcem clear when this volume of *' Tragical Tales " by Turbervile was firft publiflied ; we have ufed an edition in 1587, and to it are annexed ** Epitaphes and Sonnettes," with the date of 1569. 113,) to be from his per a perfonal friend and admirer of our poet. in the State Paper Office) William Webbe printed his ** Difcou Englifli Poetry " (4to. 229 ;) and Stephen Gof Fon, in his " Quip for new^gled Gentlewomen," 15, employs it for traih or trumpery :-- " Thb ftarch and thefe rebating props, as though rufies were fome rotten houfe ; All thb new fe/fe now fold in (hops, in value true not worth a loufe,** &c. 31- All in a kirtle of difcolourd fay He clothed was, ypaynted full of eies ; And in his bofome fecretly there lay An hatefull Snake, the which his taile uptyes In many folds, and mortall fting implyes. His cruel fafts he often would repent ; Yet, wilfull man, he never would forecaft, » that fifte in row did fitt,] It is *'firfie in row*' in the 4to.

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