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We can safely infer that by all appearances, this is a a fetus; such a formation could either be the parasitic (or vestigial) twin of the patient, or a teratoma — an encapsulated tumor with well-developed skin, muscle and bone but no functional internal organs. “Spawn of Chucky doll” comes to mind — just picture it with a denim jumper, bloody hatchet and receding hairline. (lol) Props to the writer for keeping the tension in the first episode at fever pitch.

One scary-looking swordsman espies Jin and nearly lops his head off, but a young samurai named Tachibana Kyotaro (Koide Keisuke!!! Just as natural are the reactions wrenched out of Kyotaro’s mother Sakae (Aso Yumi) and sister Saki (Ayase Haruka!!!

(Maybe the timeslip proves to be providential, after all?

) This backstory provides an emotional springboard for the rest of the plot, and although Miki’s character appears only in flashbacks and photographs throughout the drama, her influence on Jin’s life becomes a driving force for the choices he makes later in the story. which presage the appearance of a John Doe patient whose face and skull are smashed up beyond recognition.

In a Nutshell: A run-in with a mysterious patient leads to a freak accident that zaps Tokyo neurosurgeon Minakata Jin back through time and into 19th-century Edo, where he finds himself in the turbulent last days of the Tokugawa shogunate. This concept — whether or not even possible in our universe — remains popular in fiction either as the central theme of a story, or just as a plot device.

Bent on finding a way to return to the present, Jin must meanwhile learn to survive in this strange world of samurai and courtesans, assassins and revolutionaries, cholera outbreaks and syphilis, and periodic city fires. If they can’t kiss they can’t fall in love, and I’m history.” -time travel) — so we meet again! In my Proposal Daisakusen review I touched on the paradoxical loopholes and inherent inadequacies of time pretzels — although one will find a whole suite of theories to justify these loopholes, such as the many-worlds interpretation, or the Novikov self-consistency principle, to name a few.

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