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For cultivated rural areas, the 25 inch includes acreages of land parcels, and shows better detail around features such as buildings and railways.

Many larger urban areas often have four or more revisions between the 1890s and the 1940s.

The name of each place is to be inserted as it is commonly spelt, in the first column of the name book: and the various modes of spelling it used in books, writings &c.

are to be inserted in the second column, with the authority placed in the third column opposite to each'. OS naming policies reflected a presumption that there was a 'correct orthography' and that this correct form would be sufficiently widely understood for it to be 'commonly spelt' and written down.

The value of the maps for historical purposes is both qualified and enhanced by a realisation of their limitations.

For urban areas, the larger scale maps show much greater detail (the 1:1,056 scale maps are 10 times larger, the 0 over 20 times larger).

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