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K EXCLUSIVE Influence Asia The latest kpop news and music In both videos Naomi and Jianhao are seen in close proximity and are practically hugging one another Meanwhile viewers and fans are mainly in support of .

The Top Best Blogs on Timothy De La Ghetto Ohsofickle blogger Sorry for the un glam pictures of me my face swelled up pretty bad today probably due to the weather its just minor and not so common edema .

Sometime outdated, I don't find much higher forcing in her videos.

It's sad as you good your anomi msgs summer into nothing but needs, routined questions.

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He pressed on despite my insecurities, my past and my uncertainty. Of course, they naomi neo dating jianhao okay again and got back together.Not that we think it's wrong but isn't it hypocritical of her to emphasise how she lost everything to B and got dumped but never mentioned the full story of how she enjoyed it as well? I believe I did my part too and I made sure everything he did for me was reciprocated with sincerity.JH and I did try to salvage things after he heard my explanation, but I knew I couldn't do it anymore. She pressured him for sex and constantly asked him for sex.However, recently, rumours of their breakup surface when they no longer seem to collaborate on new videos, and fans have been speculating on whether that is true.The reason why we've never talked about it openly was because we had a mutual agreement that it's better to keep things on a low key to prevent any unnecessary drama but it's funny cos you guys still managed to find out anyways So there has been crazy speculation that Jian Hao and I ended things and I decided to clear the air today cos I think you guys deserve to know what exactly is going on.

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