Just say hi online dating

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If a woman said in her profile "don't just say hey to me" and then sent you a message that said "hey" then THAT would be hypocrisy.Whether you feel disappointed or not is your choice.But the question is does THIS woman (the one who sent that message) have that in her profile.Yes it would be hypocrisy if someone had in their profile no one word messages and then sent them out themselves.

Writing someone you find attractive off because all their opening message said was hi, silly.ETA: When will I learn, always look at the profile...Or, it might mean she's humorously returning your "Hey"! You see quite a bit of women say don't just say hi or hey in their about me or headline or whatever.Some or most of these people are new to online dating.Now allbeit if it is stated that I don't like one word messages and they send them anyway that's a different story. If yes, then choose the ones that are the most interesting to you.

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