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In dozens of home videos, photographs and interviews, often accompanied by dramatic classical music, director Jon Sumple presents “evidence” of unidentified flying object sightings, encounters with little green men in Romanek’s home, flying orbs, ghostly voices, and the purported alien abductions that have brought him public attention in the past.

The body of evidence is primarily made up of easy-to-fake, even occasionally laughable images of aliens and mysterious faces appearing in the background of photos; “lights in the sky” with mundane likely explanations; and the standard material of UFO hoaxes: lawn circles, abduction flashbacks revealed under hypnosis, and “abduction” wounds.

In a further twist, he explained the hoax by claiming that authorities had intimidated him into discrediting himself: “Starseed” This particular UFO yarn goes beyond the norm, however. And Starseed, do not be afraid of what you are.” At the same time, Romanek presents himself as being the target of an equally shady conspiracy to silence him, finding himself victim to hacking, harassment, intimidation and even assault.

As if to address the obvious question as to why Romanek has been singled out for attention by extraterrestrial visitors over the years, the documentary presents a bizarre narrative, with the 54-year-old at the centre of a shady benevolent conspiracy to protect him from his own stubborn curiosity, after he moves into the “backyard” of a group of aliens in Colorado Springs. There are fleeting visits and phone calls from mysterious little girls.

Prosecuting attorneys argued he lied in that document when he stated the various reasons for his initial inaccurate testimony. The investigation collapsed and Myers was released after a lab test revealed that a substance seized during the arrest was sugar, not methamphetamine.

Stan Romanek has pleaded not guilty to the charges against him.

Stan Romanek, a prominent 54-year-old UFO enthusiast who claims to have been abducted by aliens “several times”, is set to face trial in Colorado on charges of possessing and distributing child pornography.

Romanek gained a certain newfound renown ahead of his 31 July 2017 trial date when Netflix released a feature-length documentary recounting 15 years’ worth of alleged extraterrestrial and supernatural encounters.

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Several of these girls are very young and unmistakably children.

Koopman said during the September 2014 hearing that Wallace was in the store at the same time that Gray and her friend Gabrielle Burlingham were, approximately three days before Gray was murdered in her home.

He filed a corrective affidavit on the same day Wallace pleaded guilty. District Court judge dismissed a long-running lawsuit against Koopman by Joshua Myers, who claimed the detective violated his constitutional rights during a 2007 arrest on suspicion of running a meth lab when Koopman was an investigator in the Larimer County Drugs Task Force.

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