Dating asians in texas

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The son of Nandoumi, Kunmo fled to the Xiongnu and was brought up by the Xiongnu monarch.Gradually the Xiongnu grew stronger and war broke out between them and the Yuezhi.During the 1st century BC, one of the five major Greater Yuezhi tribes in Bactria, the Kushanas (Chinese: ), began to subsume the other tribes and neighbouring peoples.The subsequent Kushan Empire, at its peak in the 3rd century CE, stretched from Turfan in the Tarim Basin, in the north to Pataliputra on the Gangetic plain of India in the south.

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Trading the jade and horses for Chinese silk, the Wūzhī were then selling these goods to other neighbours.A fourth group of Lesser Yuezhi may have become part of the Jie people of Shanxi, who established the 4th Century AD Later Zhao state (although this remains controversial). 162: Xiongnu drive the Yuezhi west to the Ili valley. 132-130: Yuezhi flee southwest and conquer northern Bactria. The philosophical tract Guanzi is now generally believed to have been compiled around 26 BC, based on older texts, including some from the Qi state era (11th to 3rd centuries BC).While the Yuezhi have often been associated with artifacts of extinct cultures in the Tarim Basin, such as the Tarim mummies and the so-called Tocharian languages, the evidence for any such link is purely circumstantial. (Most scholars no longer attribute its primary authorship to Guan Zhong, a Qi official in the 7th century BC.) The export of jade from the Tarim Basin, since at least the late 2nd Millennium BC, is well-documented archaeologically.The Kushanas played an important role in the development of trade on the Silk Road and the introduction of Buddhism to China.Most of the Lesser Yuezhi appear to have migrated southward into Tibet.

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