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Despite the proliferation of Internet porn, phone sex continues to be a multimillion dollar industry.And having been a phone sex operator for more than eight years, I can tell you from experience that phone sex can be a fun, sexy, lucrative gig.Other noteworthy fetishes include forced cross-dressing, tickling and paddling, vampirism, and *shudder* necrophilia.There's Treachery Afoot Some clients will try crazy things to keep from paying for their calls. The first time I got a call from an enraged wife, I thought it was my friend playing a joke.That's why most operators keep plenty of resources handy.Awesome Write-offs If phone sex is your main source of income, you can write off your phone line, advertisements, smutty literature and mags, sex toys, the Internet and even lingerie. If you let your friends or family know that you do phone sex for a living, someone will eventually tell you how degrading it is and how exploited you should feel. For me, these infantilizing lectures were more degrading than any phone sex call.

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As it turns out, LOTS of men delight in listening to women pee.I've been asked to sell undergarments, shoes, stockings and photos of myself doing wild stuff.Because I don't remotely match any of the descriptions of the ladies I've portrayed, I hired a model to play a few different versions of "me." Is that fraud?Unfortunately, some people's idea of kink is just plain horrifying.That's why most phone sex operators decide upfront what subjects are off limits, and stick to them.

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